| One Childhood Early Learning & Care
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Allowing children the time to make meaningful connections to the world around them, encourages the child to discover the best in themselves and in turn, inspire the best in us.


We view our learning environment as the third teacher. It is rich with engaging materials & natural spaces that support learning, ignites curiosity, and inspires the imagination.

Emergent Curriculum

In our rapidly advancing world, creativity has become a driving force. Early childhood provides a window of opportunity for children to connect with & build upon this aspect of themselves.

What Parents Say

Personalized Learning

Our small group size & cozy home-like setting allows us to truly know & celebrate all children for the unique beings they are. Through inquiry-based & personalized learning, we are able to support each child’s learning style and developmental needs.

Working in Partnership

We recognize and respect parents as their child’s first and most important teachers. As such, we strongly rely on the support of parents & our partnership to provide the best possible early learning experience for all children in our care.

Childhood Matters

The changes we wish to see in the world of tomorrow, begin with the children of today. As child advocates, we are dedicated to all children and the field of early childhood education.

Our Programs


Inspired by the Reggio Emilia & Educaring Approach, our program nurtures & supports infants as competent and capable beings.


Designed to support toddlers as they begin their journey of self discovery and learning.


Designed to prepare children for a well rounded life & success in kindergarten and beyond.