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At the core of our philosophy is the image of the child. Everything, from the environment we create to the way we teach and nurture children, is directly influenced by our view of every child as capable, curious, imaginative and full of infinite potential.


We view our learning environment as the third teacher. It is bright, clutter free and rich with engaging learning materials and natural spaces that ignites the curiosity, and inspires the imagination and supports children at every developmental stage.

Emergent Curriculum

We implement a curriculum that is child centered and responsive to each child’s individual needs and interest. This allows us to create meaningful learning experiences for every child we care for, which in turn, fosters a life long love of learning.


What Parents Say

Creative Arts
Deeper connection with numbers through mathematical thinking

Our Programs


Inspired by the RIE methodology, Infants in our program are treated with respect, as unique human beings, not as objects.


Our program provides toddlers with a safe and engaging space as they continue their journey of self discovery and development.


Preparing preschoolers for a well rounded life, our program places as much emphasis on creativity & free exploration, as we do on kindergarten readiness.